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  • The time line from start to finish is relatively fast . They show great team work and excellent support to move things along and get the deals closed.

    - Jason H., Agent
  • "Hensey Financial was the only company willing to help my client hold onto his home which was in Power of Sale. They looked at the problem creatively and came up with a solution that worked. I want to thank the team for their help along the way. Without them, this deal would not have happened."

    - Robyn W., Broker
  • I have been working with Hensey Financial over the past 3 years. I know I can trust and count on them. They always try to figure out a way to get my deals done. The staff is great, very friendly and easy to talk too. I look forward to working with them in the future as well.

    - Jeremy A., Broker
  • The Hensey team is professional and has an extremely fast turnaround time to get your deal approved and closed quickly I enjoy dealing with them!! They are my first choice for second mortgage lending !!!

    - Tracy S., Broker
  • Hensey is one of the few people that I have dealt with that you can count on what he says as truth. He has a wide range of options that have been very helpful. He has always put the needs of his clients out front, providing them with the highest quality experienced advice‎. I never hesitate referring Hensey to any of my clients.

    - Mike A., Realtor
  • A very professional and efficient service you can count on.

    - Boris P., Lender
  • "As a Private Mortgage Lender, It has been a pleasure working with Hensey Financial. Their professionalism and diligence inspire confidence in every deal they send us."

    - Evan M., Lender
  • "One of the most resourceful and energetic brokers I’ve ever met. Seems to work 24/7 and provides important and up-to-date info on all potential deals; highly professional, knowledgeable and diligent in every aspect and detail; no matter what obstacle, he knows what to do and stays on the deal until it is completely done to absolute satisfaction; his excellent services make you feel like you are his only customer. I would certainly without hesitation recommend his services to everyone. Please let me know if you may need anything else.

    - Yury D., Client
  • I would like to state that i have had the best experience dealing with Hensey Financial. I am pleased to get my and my clients financial needs looked after. They follow the simple rule of professionalism along with privacy. I have always had a person to give me the service which I look for as an agent. Going forward, I wish the best for Hensey Financial along with their lovely team. You'll are all awesome to work with.

    - Andy D., Agent
  • I have been doing business with Hensey Financial for over 7 years and I highly recommend them for their fast turn-around, integrity and straightforwardness.

    - Pauline B., Agent
  • Over the years i have been doing business with Hensey financial, i have had great results with my mortgages... A few words that best describe Hensey... Reliable, efficient, professional and always deliver.. Best of luck.

    - Tony C., Broker
  • I would say a job well done and if there is any one who need your services, I would be very happy to let them know about this company, Hensey Financial. 

    - Hollis L., Client
  • Staff is always friendly and helpful. Coffee or tea was always offered and we were made to feel at home. We were treated with respect. Hensey listened to our needs and supplied us with alternatives to our questions. We never felt rushed and if we had the opportunity, we would recommend Hensey Financial Inc to others with financial problems.

    - Ruth & Frank S., Clients
  • I found after I dealt with Hensey Financial team, they are very supportive and fully knowledgeable people & very helpful, professionally dealing with customers. I am glad that I found them for all my financial needs. I highly recommend to other people for their services. 

    - Mohammed B., Client
  • Very appreciative of all the work & services provided here at Hensey Financial. They helped me when few others would. Thanks. (Mar 2016)

    - Dan S., Client
  • Hensey Financial rarely declines deals. They will do everything to close the deals. They offer comprative rates. I have good experiences with them.

    - Khalid J., Broker
  • I have had the pleasure of knowing Hensey Khan for upwards of 8 years now, and of carrying out many transactions for and with Hensey throughout that time.

    Hensey is one of the more astute residential mortgage brokers and residential real estate entrepreneurs I know.

    He is attentive to the needs of his clients and has been both fair and honorable.

    I have seen first-hand the great lengths Hensey goes to in ensuring both integrity and success.

    It is my intention to continue carrying on business with Hensey, and I wish him all the success his good work and intentions deserve.

    - Terry W, Lawyer
  • I have been in the mortgage investment business for 16 years now. Hensey Financial is the most professional Brokerage I have worked with. They are organized and have the experience to do their due diligence on all the deals before they are brought to me. Any issues are dealt with by the office staff promptly.

    - Colin M, Lender
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Hensey Financial for many years and I look forward to doing so for many more. The level of service, knowledge of the business and dedicatin to the clients makes working with Hensey Financial easy and enjoyable. Hensey is intelligent, hard working and committed to his profession and I am not only proud to be associated with him in business, but I consider him a close friend as well.

    - David R., Lawyer
  • Hensey Financial has been outstanding for myself and my family for over 10 years.

    - Jabez P., Client
  • I have been dealing with Hensey for years. He has never failed me in coming through with the hardest funding deals. Hensey is a great asset to have if you are funding private mortgages.(July 2019)

    - Guy L, Broker
  • Hensey is one of a kind. He was able to find a financial solution to my cash flow situation and implement it very quickly. Hensey is customer oriented and he put the needs of his clients always upfront, providing the best solution beyond customer's expectations. I will always refer Hensey to anybody that needs financial help. Thanks.

    - Ziv S., Client
  • I have felt a genuine business in a long period of time. Great to work with and always helpful. God bless.

    - Moiz N., Client
  • I have had the special priviege of working with Hensey Financial for almost six years now, as a private lender.

    It is my personal experience and opinion that Mr. Hensey Khan and his professional support team have demonstrated an uncommon high level of uncompromising underwriting efficiency and customer support in the execution of their engagement, duties and responsibilities.

    In particular, I have been very happy with the high standards and timely comprehensive reporting & feedback on all my enquiries and situations which requires their attention and remedy. I have not yet encountered any problem which have not been resolved to my full and complete satisfaction. Mr. Khan  is personally involved and stay on top of all matters from the mortgage origination to the final discharge.

    As well, he stands behind all his deals and has given me a high level of comfort with all my investment decisions with him, to-date.

    I will, unhestatingly, continue to use Hensey Financial, as a trusted financial partner, for me and my family mortgage investments.

    - Cliff R., Lender
  • I was able to get a 2nd mortgage from Hensey Financial at a time when I really needed it. They worked very hard on my behalf and I am very happy with their professional service. I highly recommend them to any one who need financial help. Thank you for all your hard work.

    - Sylvia C., Client
  • I met Hensey 4 years ago. We came to get help for 3 clients at that time to save their properties from power of sale. Three properties were saved and now two clilents are with B lenders and one client came back for help in financing. In 2017 Hensey helped with 2 residential and 1 commercial financing. No hidden fees and the loan terms had been discussed and agreed during signing the commitments. Still today for private financing we look forward to Hensey Financial for help.

    - Meera R.
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